Apparently, the last post for the Foodie Files series was from last October. Life has been busy and I haven’t really bothered going out to explore these hipster spots. That, and I’ve been *trying* to watch what I eat. But fear not, I bring you two new places in this post.


I found out about this little sushi burrito spot through one of my coworkers. I’ve always been a sucker for poke (actually thought of making a post about my favorite poke spots but I never got around to taking photos of my poke bowls, whoops) so when I looked up online that it was basically poke but in a burrito – I was sold.

I went during one of my lunch breaks at work one night and ordered the Shrimp Tempura sushi burrito. It came with shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, spicy tuna and kale lettuce slaw. Mmmm, it was delicious. I’m not a big fan of spicy tuna, but everything seemed to blend together just fine. I sent a photo of my plate to my brother and we came back a few days after on my day off. The portions were really good for $10/burrito. Worth it. 5/5 will come again.


I met up with Nancy and Alyse again recently! We hit up Lemonade, in the heart of Pasadena. It’s basically a cafeteria for adults where you choose your sides and build your own plate. I’m in love with their truffle mac-n-cheese so obviously I got that along with a serving of their original ahi poke. Their rosemary watermelon lemonade is THE best, so it definitely paired well with my meal.

The last time I met up with these lovely ladies was back in September where we got some food at Din Tai Fung. Life has been really hectic for all three of us so it was great to finally find time that worked well with our schedules and catch up. I’m just gonna throw this out there but blog friends are true friends, y’all. After eating, we decided to take photos by the massive Christmas tree right outside of the restaurant.

Also, just two weeks until Christmas!! How crazy is that?! Stay safe this holiday season and hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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  • Nancy
    January 27, 2018 at 9:53 PM

    Kinda crazy how fast time flies, right??? The sushi wrap looks so delicious! UGH, I love how you can neatly eat the wrap and not worry about the bowl fuss. Glad to hear that you were not disappointed with the quality and portion! Surprisingly, this place is only 10 minutes from my house if I date to take the 110 freeway XD. (NO!)

    YASSS LEMONADE is so lit! Haha, their truffle mac and cheese is delicious! Love how you can choose a lot of ready-to-eat choices there. I totally agree with the rosemary watermelon statement XD. I can’t believe the last time we met was back in September! I’m happy I got to eat with you two today ♥. I LOVE HOW THE PICTURES TURNED OUT! Girl, I am shorter than you, hahahaha. I appreciate you and Alyse! Thanks for the wonderful time ♥


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