Point Dume

Due to a lack of activity in my seemingly busy life, I’m doing a flashback post/photo dump from when Chris and I hiked Point Dume! It was such a pretty sight of the ocean.

Mike & Stef

One of my best friends, Stefanie, got married over the weekend! I was one of the bridesmaids on her big day and I’m so so so excited to see what the future has in store for her and Mike ♥

The Cabin and the Lake

I had family visiting from Canada this summer so we went up to the mountains, got a cabin and enjoyed our weekend in silence and in the wilderness. Think Cabin in the Woods, minus the part where all fall to our deaths.

Of Kayaks and Paddles

Remember how I mentioned kayaking for Chris’ birthday? Well, this is the detailed entry of how that really went down! Kayaking is fun but then, it’s also not fun. *shrugs shoulders*

Birthday Boy

For Christopher’s 28th birthday, we decided to spend a few days up in Big Bear Lake, California. We went kayaking, ate some good burgers and enjoyed the sunshine that the city had to offer.

In the Land of Giants

In line of spring break, Chris and I headed to the forest and visited our first national park together! It was beautiful being surrounded by giant trees that were almost thrice as old as us!

Solid as a Rock

For the long day weekend, my family and I packed up and headed over to Las Vegas. Instead of hitting the casinos, we decided to check out the nature that the city had to offer.

Year Four

Chris and I celebrated our four year anniversary last year by exploring La Jolla cove and dining at The Crab Catcher.

Secret Garden

We recently checked out the arboretum next to my house and was pleasantly surprised at the attraction!

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