Crazy Plant Lady

A few weeks back, I visited Sugar’s Succulents, a local succulent shop here in town! I absolutely adore succulents and visiting succulent shops is a favorite hobby of mine – imagine how excited I was when I found this hidden gem?!

I stopped by on a Monday morning after finishing grocery shopping and running errands. My original plan was to stop by and check out the succulents they had to offer but actually went home with three new babies! Bre (the owner) was very friendly and knowledgable about taking care of the succulents. They had several arrangements in store too and it was so beautiful that I actually put in a request to have them do my wedding favors.

I spent around twenty minutes looking at every plant before deciding to go home with the lithops (butt-ulents, kidding, living stone), baby’s toes and the medusa succulents – I never find these in big named supermarkets so it was exciting to see them! The lithops and baby’s toes cost more than the usual rosettes or cacti but they were worth it. I mean – how cute are they?!

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