Postcrossing Diaries

Welcome to a new series on the blog! I’ve always been a fan of snail mail (I had pen-pals when I was younger!) and recently found out about Postcrossing. It’s a community where people send and receive postcards from all over the world! Chris and I get so excited when we receive new postcards that we’ve decided to share them on the blog, so ta da!

Postcards #1, #2: from Illinois, USA & China

These were my first two postcards through Postcrossing. One came from Chicago, IL and the other one from China. I really love the postcard that came from China; I think it’s a perfect representation of what their culture has to offer. That postcard did bring back memories of my grade-school days studying Mandarin.

Postcards #3, #4: From Netherlands & Finland

A lovely couple from Netherlands sent a postcard together. They also wrote a phrase in their language but I couldn’t read their penmanship so I’ll never learn that phrase. It got scratched in the mailing process which gave the man in the postcard a weird mustache.

Postcards #5, #6: From Portugal & Germany

I loved the little story written on the postcard from Portugal! She wrote about how she saves homeless animals on her days off from teaching – I think that’s amazing. I always admire people who do things like that. It’s important to give back!

Lisa from Germany wrote about how she’s currently studying computer science in her hometown, and how the card has lots of miles to travel before arriving to me.

Postcards #7, #8: From Indonesia & Germany

The little postcard I received from Indonesia was the first postcard she ever sent! I felt a little special when I saw that.

Postcards #9, #10: From Moldova and Bulgaria

The postcard from Bulgaria has a special place in my collection like the one I received from China – I mean, oddly shaped cards should be seen more often! Also, Kalina from Bulgari sent me a little pin which they wear throughout the month of March to bring good luck and fortune. Her card took 51 days to get to me – crazy!

From my cousin, Angie

My cousin, Angie, recently spent spring break in Montreal, Canada and sent me a postcard from her trip! I told her about my Postcrossing postcards, to which she replied with “Oh darn, someone one-upped me on the postcards!” I love her so much. We spent the winter/Christmas holidays together last year and I’m looking forward to more adventures together (she and her younger sister, Krystle are my maidens of honor for the wedding next year!).

Postcrossing is one of the coolest hobbies I’ve ever picked up. It’s so interesting reading about different people and seeing cool postcards and stamps. Like previously mentioned, I grew up a fan of snail mail so this hobby makes me so happy! Hope you enjoyed this entry just as much as I enjoyed opening my mailbox and seeing postcards in there. Until the next entry of Postcrossing Diaries (when I receive my 20th card, I will be back with another post!) ~

P.S. How beautiful are my backdrops? Anyone notice I have new backdrops now besides the hedge?!