Ye Olde Faire

Last week, Chris and I decided to swing by the city’s local Renaissance Faire and got to enjoy some good old jousting and medieval themed food. The last time we had gone to a Renaissance Faire was around 2014 where we actually dressed up as pirates. It was the Sunday of the season eight premiere of Game of Thrones so we considered this fair as our pre-game for the show!

We arrived right when it opened so we were able to stroll around and see what they had to offer. We sat in the Out of Kontrol show which was obviously out of control. Ha! After the show ended, we grabbed some food – pulled pork nachos + pulled pork sandwich with some prickly pear lemonades. I’m a huge lemonade fan and prickly pear goes really well with lemonade!

After we finished our food, we found seats to watch the joust and then bought some popcorn before heading home – it was getting packed and it was getting hot! I enjoyed this faire but was slightly disappointed at the lack of food option compared to the previous one we went to.

PS – this may not be the Iron Throne but it will do for now. On a side note, do you keep up with Game of Thrones? What do you think of the new episodes so far and who are you rooting for to sit on the throne? Ever since I started watching the show, I have always rooted for House Stark but I wanted the Night King to sit on it… but that didn’t happen. My work put some money for the finale and I’m rooting for Sansa!