Rusty Roots Show

The Rusty Roots Show is an annual trunk show located in the heart of the central valley in California. Chris and I were able to stop by two weekends ago to check out what they have to offer!

After stepping into the agricultural center where it was being held, I was blown away by how cool and rustic everything was! I’m a sucker for checking out antique and vintage stores, and this was definitely the place to be! They had dozens of local sellers who sold anything from antiques to plants to baked goods! While checking out the show, I was on the hunt for some decorations to use for the wedding since we’re pretty much set on a rustic theme!

While I wasn’t able to find anything to use for the wedding, I enjoyed the things I got to see! Vintage cameras, custom wood designs and they even had a mini tap beer truck! I don’t normally drink alcohol but I’ve slowly grown to enjoy trying out several kinds of IPAs; unfortunately, the beer truck was still closed while we were there! Instead, I’m going to enjoy the Tropical Torpedo IPA we got last week after I write this entry hehe.

Also, I know I just brought new plants into the apartment but I actually bought two new babies at Rusty Roots Show! By luck, the succulent shop I had visited earlier was in this show and I have no self control and I love plants way too much so I obviously to bring new ones home. This time, I purchased a mini aloe and a cobweb succulent. Plants are life.

Chris and I had a fun time checking out the stalls and grubbing on some good sugar cookies. Until next year’s trunk show and remember, support local businesses!

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