Last Stop: San Clemente Pier

I lied. San Clemente Pier wasn’t our last stop on our way home from our road trip – it was Lake Elsinore Outlets. This might as well have been the last stop though! San Clemente is around 30-minutes from Oceanside and they have really good seafood. Since we had visitors from Canada, we decided to have a quick lunch at The Fisherman’s Restaurant on the pier.

Prior to lunch, we strolled on the pier for a few minutes. The pier in San Clemente is significantly shorter than the one at Oceanside, and was rather busy during this time.

For lunch, we sat at the corner of the restaurant that had a clear view of the beach. I got my clam chowder in a bread bowl, as did my other brother; the youngest one ordered chicken strips – could you ever go wrong with chicken strips though?

We didn’t stay too long. After this, we drove to Lake Elsinore Outlets, passing through the Cleveland National Forest which proved to be the scariest drive I ever did – I didn’t expect my dad to route us through the forest and I was surprised at all the sharp twists and turns the road had (but I mean, it is a forest after all…).Β When we got to the outlets, we spent a good three hours before heading back home.

This Christmas trip was definitely one for the books. Despite all the driving and having to freeze my butt off, I would definitely do this trip again! And maybe take my vitamins next time because I came down with the worst case of acute bronchitis a week after.

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