SD for a Day

Last Christmas, I bought everyone in my closest family (mom, dad, two younger brothers, aunt + uncle, Chris) tickets to see Les Miserablés. I found out that they were touring again and California was one of their destinations – I immediately scooped up some tickets. The day finally came when we went to San Diego during the first weekend of June.

*insert tears of happiness* The musical was so beautiful, amazing, incredible, and whatever other positive adjective is out there. I’ve been a fan of Les Mis since I read the book and I waited for nearly a decade for them to tour again. They were previously a regular on Broadway but stopped their shows around 2016 and that really broke my heart. I remember the day in December – I was browsing through theatre websites for Hamilton tickets and I saw that Les Mis was coming to San Diego! I broke down in tears and called Chris, hyperventilating. A minute later, I dropped nearly $600 on tickets. Whoops, impulsive.

After the show, we grabbed dinner by the marina at Mitch’s Seafood. Did somebody say fresh seafood from the waters off San Diego and Northern Baja California?! Count. Me. In. I got the mixed seafood platter which had fish, shrimp, calamari and crab cake. Their crab cake was amazing (Chris ordered the crab cake sandwich and said it was one of the most amazing sandwiches he’s ever tasted!). The restaurant was a little pricey but when does seafood come cheap?

Afterwards, we explored the marina and checked out the yachts and boats docked nearby. It was a really fun day! On our way home, Chris and I stopped by CVS Pharmacy to buy some San Diego and we totally hit the jackpot so that was basically the cherry on top.

  • You’re a sweetheart for buying your closest family members tickets to see Les Miserables! Hey, with all o the waiting, paying the price is worth it! You high roller ;)!

    It’s so funny that I just talked about going to San Diego and here you are, posting about it! YUM! Crab cake sandwich sounds delish! You guys ate really well. Congrats on the jackpot!!! Eena, you’re a rockstar!

    Nancy ♥

  • OMG! Les Miserablés! I haven’t heard of it in forever – I remember loving the film when I watched it. 🤗 I’m so glad that you managed to score some tickets and enjoy a cute little family outing! 🙌🏼 Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

  • How awesome that you were able to see Les Miserables! I’ve seen the movie and it was pretty good (I’m sorry I havent actually read the book – I assume you completely recommend it??) but I’ve never seen the theatre show – I would love to though!

    Also, I’ve never even been to America, but San Diego seems like such an awesome little place! One day, one day…

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  • I saw Les Mis a few years ago, but it’s still one of my favourite musicals I’ve seen! I thought the movie was good, but nothing really compares to seeing it being acted out on stage. Sounds like you had a feast afterwards too – that seafood platter looks amazing!

  • That is so lovely to buy tickets for your family! have never read or watched Les Miserables before, I am not sure if it something I would enjoy. I do love going to theatres though! I don’t eat seafood either but I can imagine it can be quite expensive. I love walking around a good Marina! I love your pictures the sun set is so pretty! I am glad you all had a lovely time!

  • I’m so glad that you enjoyed Les Miserables. Sounds like it was worth the money.

    Seafood isn’t cheap, but it’s awesome. I just had a really good crab cake on Tuesday during my vacation. It had the biggest lump crab and it was really delicious!

  • Wow, it’s so cool that you bought tickets for your family! I looooove Les Miserables so much and I remember crying fountains of tears when they toured in Manila LOL. It’s a musical that I would never, ever get tired of watching <3

    No matter the price, seafood is always so good! The seafood platter you ordered looks amazing 😀

  • Aww, it’s so nice you bought your family Les Miserablés tickets! That’s such a sweet gesture. The seafood looks delicious too and your photos of the marina looks so pretty! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing Eena <3 xx

    Bexa |

  • Les Mis! I have never seen it but my English teacher is the 10th grade was so obsessed with the soundtrack that he would play it over and over. I love musicals but I am more into Disney and Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals.

  • Seems like you had a wonderful day. I really want to watch Les Miserables, and now you’ve encouraged me to see it even more!! Lovely post xx

  • Wow San Diageo looks so lovely! Being fro My the uk I would love to be able to go there one day, I have seen les miserable before but everyone who has has loved it! I need to go and see it xx

  • Aw, Eena, how lovely are you to buy tickets for your family? I’m so glad you loved the experience though, I saw Les Mis YEARS ago in London and I can still remember how breathlessly enraptured I was. It’s by far my favourite musical. And San Diego looks lovely, I’m veyr jealous of the seafood, haha! xx

    Lisa |

  • That sounds a great day. I love Les Miserables, saw it as a child and just had to read the book after. The only problem is it makes me cry everytime, so I’d probably embarass anyone I go with

  • Love, Love, Love Les Mis! It’s still on my list of shows to see, so I’m super envious you got to go see it! Love that you turned it into a family outing with everyone, thanks for sharing!

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