Interrupting my scheduled travel posts to announce that… on September 24th, Chris and I will be celebrating seven years together! How crazy is that?! Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! Since we had the weekend off from work, we decided to celebrate before the actual day itself (especially since we’ll both be stuck at work that day).

We took a quick hike up to the mountains – our first hike in over four months! We planned on doing the Watchtower Trail but stopped halfway due to the heat. After leaving the park, we grabbed chicken tenders from McDonalds and enjoyed the rest of our day together.

Today, we went for a morning run, ran some errands and enjoyed lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I think I’m proud of where our relationship has taken us over the years – from dining in somewhat expensive places to celebrate to just running errands and going to our go-to place to celebrate. It’s the little things that matter, ya know? Bottom line is, the most important thing is that we get to spend our time together!

Also, I upgraded to the iPhone XS this past Friday and I am in love. Come at me with that portrait mode y’all ~

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