Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles

This past Monday, Chris and I went to the Museum of Ice Cream. It’s a pop-up museum that’s taking over everyone’s Instagram feeds here in Los Angeles (mine included, because, well, you know, I went there). It’s not a permanent museum so I jumped at the chance, back in May, when I saw available tickets on their website.

The museum isn’t too big. It’s meant to be fun and for everyone to just enjoy themselves. Their displays focused on anything and everything used for ice cream – from bananas to gummy bears to waffle cones to mint chocolate, you name it!

The tickets have times as to when you’re allowed entrance; however, they let people into groups of ten to avoid huge crowds gathering at once inside. From there, everyone goes at their own pace with no time limit except in the sprinkle pool. Oh, the sprinkle pool. Did I mention you get sweet treats and ice cream along the way?! My favorite was the mint chocolate chip mochi in the mint room.

I think the goal of this museum is to bring out the kid in everyone – nearly every display was neon-colored and everything just seemed so upbeat and happy. As a lover of museums, this museum is a complete turnaround of previous museums (i.e, The Getty, Planes of Fame) that I have been to! But Chris and I still had so much fun. We rocked out to some Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears while eating our ice cream and snapping pictures away.

The verdict? The place is overhyped but at the end of the day, it’s fun. You get ice cream and treats with your ticket, plus you get to listen to some pop music and then the photo opportunities are endless For more information on where they’re headed to next, check out their website. Until the next sweet treat, keep screamin’ for some ice cream, my dear readers.

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