Summer Hike to Weaver Lake

Hi everyone! Long time no write. I’ve neglected this blog so badly but decided it was time to come back. So here I am, catching up on adventures.

My coworkers and I planned a hike for Weaver Lake last July, in order to get away from the craziness of the pandemic. Jamie, Sam and Ivy planned on meeting up at work; I chose to drive myself to the mountains to meet up Fred, and hitch a ride with him to the trailhead.

Unfortunately, there are two trailheads for Weaver Lake – one which adds around an extra mile of hiking. Luckily, Mountain Man Fred brought us to the closer trailhead. We waited for a bit for the rest of the group but decided to go ahead.

Despite the little mix-up, Fred and I were able to meet the rest on our way back down from the mountain. This was a great short hike and I was proud of myself for hiking up the mountain without taking a thousand breaks!

Length: 6.5 miles, out and back
Elevation: 1250 ft