Sunny Days at Crystal Cove

It’s been really gloomy these past few days here in Los Angeles, so I figured I’d share these photos and throw it back (#tbt, anyone?) to sunny days at Crystal Cove State Park.

After we frolicked around Balboa Island, we decided to stop by Crystal Cove, which was just a few miles away from the resort. The beach definitely borders more to the “organized” side of beaches in the sense that, they had a decent parking lot ($15 for the full day) and you have the option to do the trail to get to the beach, or to use the crosswalk across the Pacific Coast Highway.

Obviously, we did the trail.

The short trail (approximately a 10 minute walk) led you through a tunnel, which was pretty cool. Then you’re greeted by the Beachcomber and everything was alive. Think of this beach as some underground party.

We didn’t stay too long. Took some photos and headed out to the Pavillion’s down the street to stock up on some ice cream (mmm, mango) and some drinks. I also needed to buy shampoo and conditioner because with thick hair like mine, complimentary items from the resort just doesn’t cut it.

My cousin, Angie (who’s been mentioned in a lot of my entries) FINALLY got around to starting up her blog! She loves to travel and she enjoys stumbling upon hole-in-the-wall bookshops that make her little heart content. If you’re looking for a new read, check out the detours she makes in her life over at One Rad Detour.