Sunrise at Yosemite

Instead of throwing a crazy bachelorette party, my girls and I decided to drive up to the mountains to catch the sunrise at Yosemite and spend the night in the woods… in a cabin, of course! Five days before my wedding, Keisha, Angie, Krystle & I left town at three in the morning to be sunrise chasers. Our destination – Glacier Point at Yosemite National Park.

Our drive to the park was eerie but good. The roads were empty and when we were ascending up the mountains, we would only see one car pass us every twenty minutes. What made the drive eerie was how dark our surroundings were – if we fell off the mountain, we basically wouldn’t even know what we were falling into. We arrived at the Glacier Point trailhead with fifteen minutes to spare before the sunrise. We dashed out of the parking lot like madmen and found our seats facing Half Dome.

After the sun peaked over the granite dome, we spent a few minutes to nap a little before heading back to the car to drive to the Yosemite Valley. Once we got to the valley, we grabbed some breakfast and wandered into the gift shop. From there, we decided to hike over to the Lower Yosemite Falls where we spent some time cooling down by the rocks where water had collected.

Once we decided that we had seen enough of the park for the day, we set out to drive to our little cabin for the night. We booked our cabin through Airbnb and we actually stayed in Ahwahnee, a small town which was an hour away from the park’s south entrance. The cabin was perfect for our party of four. After checking in, we ventured out to the pool, spent more time cooling off from the bright and sunny California summer. We grabbed sushi in the nearby town of Oakhurst and grabbed some snacks at the local grocery. Since we had to be up rather early for that day trip to Yosemite, we knocked out quite early as well.

Spending time with people closest to me, catching the sunrise and soaking in the sun was definitely the way I imagined by “bachelorette party” to be.