Sunsets at O’side

When we arrived back at the hotel from Joshua Tree National Park, we hurriedly collected our belongings and checked out. Oceanside was a two-hour drive from Palm Springs; and as mentioned, my dad recently had surgery in his shoulder so my uncle took over driving my tiny Civic while I was assigned to drive my mom’s SUV. With my dad in the passenger seat giving directions, it was one hell of a drive!

Our hotel was the same one we had stayed at back in 2015 right across the beach. Oceanside is easily one of my favorite cities and beaches in this sunny state of California. I had a different entry written out at first but scrapped it because I wanted to dedicate an entry to these sunset shots.

We had arrived at O’side in the late afternoon. My cousins and I went down to the beach to check out the house from Top Gun (unfortunately, it was gated off) and soaked in the prettiest sunset (in my opinion) from the most beautiful beach.


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