The Getty Villa

Last April, my cousins and I visited The Getty Museum; today, Chris and I visited the other location in Malibu – the Getty Villa. This place is an educational center and museum dedicated art and culture from Ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. The Villa has around 44,000 pieces on display – J. Paul Getty is one art collector, I tell ya.

This wasn’t exactly a planned trip – I like trying to find cheap things to do in our neck of the state, and this was one of them. The entrance to the villa is free but you pay $15 for parking. So, if you get a van and then add a lot of people then that would make the parking worth it. They do prefer you sign up/book the free tickets online and you show them that upon entering.

We arrived around 11AM and our first order of business was food! We ended up having lunch at the cafe. Chris got a burger with some garlic fries while I had a mushroom sandwich that came with salad. Thoughts on the salad? Not a fan. The sandwich? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

After our meal, we went around the villa; took some photos and watched the little film about the museum’s history. Everything seemed so peaceful here! Plus, the fog was in its prime form when we started strolling through the place. Unfortunately, they were doing quite a bit of maintenance, so the peristyle gardens was void of all water.

We spent a good two hours before calling it quits and heading home. The sun was beginning to shine through the clouds and it was a whooping 105F so we were getting really tired from the heat. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun – already looking forward to coming when all the maintenance is finished.

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