The Trail and others

Hello and welcome to another edition of life lately from Cabin Twenty-Four! If you’re interested, I recently started a new job, which I’m enjoying more than my previous job. I started training this past week, and I did mostly treatment/wound care. All I do in my entire shift is do my rounds and make sure that all of my residents’ wounds are cleaned accordingly.

The Trail

Last Sunday, I was searching for an “adventure game” on the app store and came across The Trail. This game follows the character as he/she explores the new world. It’s pretty straightforward and I really enjoy; in fact, I got Chris on board to play it as well! Seeing all the trails on the game is making me want to go on a hike. Unfortunately, I live in California where everyday is a record-breaking 100 degrees.

Meeting Nancy & Alyse

This past week, I got to meet Nancy and Alyse; at Whole Foods’ Shuffle Bar restaurant! It was a very last minute meeting but we bonded over some cauliflower nachos, calamari & poke while we got to get to know each other more. Nancy even suggested doing this on a regular basis so when she’s finished being sick from all the sushi she ate!

photo credit – alyse

Food Posts

And lastly, a food section! I want to share the amazing meatless pizza I had from Blaze this past Saturday when I went with my family after church. Topped the dough with garlic pesto sauce, feta cheese, pineapples (YES PINEAPPLES BELONG ON PIZZA), mushrooms, spinach, onions, garlic, artichoke and oregano. Yummmm is right. The other photo is from Shuffle Bar.

In other news

I made the switch to from Blogger! It was very tedious but I’m glad Nancy helped me out with setting up the domain through SiteGround and what not. I’m still working on a few kinks on the layout but it looks okay now… I’ll fix it when I find more patience to do it. Ha.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead. ~~

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