The View at Stough Canyon

I’ve officially begun my ten days of being free from work – it’s an AMAZING feeling. To start it off, I went to church with my family this morning and then we had a great breakfast at this new Filipino restaurant we stumbled upon called, Ito Ay Atin (which basically means This Is Ours in Tagalog). I tell ya, nothing beats a good Filipino breakfast.

In the afternoon, I went on a quick afternoon hike with my aunt at her beloved Stough Canyon Nature Park Trail. The weather has been rather gloomy the past few days here in Los Angeles, so this was a fairly pleasant hike.

I’m so used to hikes with a steady pace but this trail had way toooo much incline – AND IT STARTS RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING. A minute into the hike, I felt like passing out already. Okay, maybe five minutes into it but still. My aunt was hiking it like a pro… makes sense, she does this hike nearly every week ha!

The View at the top was very beautiful! I absolutely love watching cities from the top – gives a whole new perspective on things. You know what they say – it’s all about the angles! ;D

On our way back down, we found a little bench and took a short break. My aunt was telling me about a different trail at Stough Canyon that leads to an abandoned campground, which she tried hiking once with my uncle but had to go back because they went off-trail and got lost. It definitely didn’t help their case that they could feel a different kinda vibe around the place, if you know what I mean. Speaking of vibes, my aunt and I were sharing ghost stories during the hike. I think that helped me forget about the intense incline of the mountain – just a little bit though.

The trail still led up to Radio Towers; unfortunately, I am out of shape and it started getting too cold so we saved that hike for another time. Until the next adventure up in the mountains!

Random fact – this is my 50th blog post! That basically means I’ve been good and actually stuck to making sure this little piece of mine gets updated frequently, yay! *throws confetti*