Visiting the USS Midway

Everyone knows (or at least I assume everyone knows) that I love history. Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated with history – especially when it comes to the 1930s-1950s in America, World War II and 1800s England. In fact, I once considered a degree in history but life had other plans. Today, my family went to see Dunkirk, a film about the actual battle that took place on Dunkirk Beach in WWII. Truth be told, I’m 100% confident only my dad and I were excited for the movie.

The cinematography and sounds were beyond amazing. After the movie, it reminded me of the time my family and Chris went to San Diego and visited the USS Midway Museum.

We saw the USS Midway back in July of 2015. It’s actually been exactly two years since that visit! We had stayed at a Marriott on Oceanside then took the train to San Diego. From there, we walked around 3 miles to the ship.

While the USS Midway never saw World War II, she was used as an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. The ship was decommissioned in 1992 and now rests permanently in San Diego. Fun fact – she can carry 137 aircrafts!!

History is fun and cool, kids! Get into it!