Year Four

When Chris and I hit our four year anniversary last year, we spent the weekend in La Jolla. I consider myself to be obsessive-compulsive when it comes to planning but two days in this lovely Southern California city isn’t enough.

We arrived in sunny La Jolla in the afternoon and immediately started exploring while we waited for our reservation at The Crab Catcher. Chris and I came across this little shop that had a tunnel underneath to see Sunny Jim Cave. It cost $3 to get through the tunnel. It wasn’t a “hike” but rather a few hundred slippery steps to see a cave shaped like a person’s head – that must’ve Jim!

Dinner was fantastic at The Crab Catcher – a little too expensive for my taste but it never hurt to try something new. We were one of the first few guests to arrive so we had a very lovely seat on their romantic patio that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. I can’t quite recall what we ordered but I do remember the truffle parmesan fries – we’re suckers for those fries.

La Jolla is also known for its caves. We only managed to see Sunny Jim up close and personal, but the others looked as lovely. We had planned on kayaking to see the other caves but that didn’t work out too well since Chris has a slight fear of the ocean. Maybe next time I’ll manage to convince him to go kayaking with me.

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